Who We Are?

We are Hanns and Faruk, co-founders.

What Is?

We formed to create an environment for creative talent to flourish, while ultimately providing our communities the highest value possible.

What We Believe In?

We believe that giving is the ultimate factor for happiness. We’re an open book. Our processes, products, and the fruits of our side hustle have been recorded for the world to enjoy.

Whom We Brought Together?

We brought together doers and thinkers to unleash their combined creativity to the world.

Which Areas Do We Cover?

Whether it is Art, Engineering, accumulated experience in any area of life, that is what we are committed to sharing with the world in an imaginatively, originally and freshly manner.

What We Do?


Craft interesting experiences.

Push beyond the comfort zone.

Take risks to move things forward.

Create work that others point to and think “I wish I’d done that.”